NMB48: Yokoyama Yui talks about the differences between AKB and NMB

We're Namba 1!

I heard you guys like translations so I translated an article so you can fail at making Xzibit Pimp My Ride jokes… wait what?

Click to enlarge! That’s what she said!

Q: What are some of the differences between AKB and NMB?

-They’re young and really easy to get along with! And hmm, what else is there… They’re really steadfast in sitting in their seats at the theatre. Just joking, but really, I get the feeling that the fans are watching really intently. I haven’t performed with them yet, so as I get to that point I’ll probably start to understand more of the differences.

Q: Your impression of NMB?

-It’s really easy to become friends with them. I feel that they just keep moving forward. Also, they’re very skilled at expressing themselves when they dance when the choreography is limited. On a music show, a lot of us are…

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